Professional Development Workshop Descriptions

professional development workshops

We LOVE working with schools, it’s our favorite! To best help you reach your mathematics small group teaching goals, we come to you. Currently, all of our professional development is formatted as a school visit tailored to your schools’ needs. Interested? Below are a few options to get started…

Math Stackers Overview: A little bit of everything Math Stackers. This includes ideas about how to use the product to inspire a love for math with focused exploration in concepts for grades K through 2 or 3 through 5.

Train the Trainer: Equip representatives from different schools to be able to return to their campus and lead their peers in using Math Stackers teaching methods. (This is for implementation for several schools in a district)

Differentiation: Focused investigations on how to use Math Stackers to grow each student regardless of their level.

Closing the Gap: Use Math Stackers to diagnose what math concepts are missing in order for your students to build a strong foundation of understanding. Then empower your students with our hands-on investigations to close those gaps and succeed in mathematical reasoning.