Frequently Asked Questions

1 to 10 Math Stackers

Q. For what ages are Math Stackers intended?
A. The resources that come with Math Stackers are for elementary school aged kids; however, learning with Math Stackers can begin as early as 3 and continue to aid learning into middle school.

Q. How do I donate a set to my kid’s school?
A. When completing the order form simply specify the school’s name and address in the shipping information.

Q. What is included in a Math Stackers set?
A. A Math Stackers set includes 96 blocks, a resource book to use to teach Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions and Adding Fractions, and a large tote bag for convenient storage and portability. The resource book is also equipped with 28 Aurasma augmented reality videos.

96 Math Stackers blocks consisting of the following:
1-block: 24
2-block: 14
3-block: 10
4-block: 10
5-block: 8
6-block: 8
7-block: 6
8-block: 6
9-block: 6
10-block: 4

Q. What grade levels does the resource book target?
A. The activities and levels are written to grow all students in their math learning, regardless of their skill level. The levels progress in content and development of understanding of the properties of math. The levels address needs in all elementary grades, hitting heaviest on material targeting math concepts found in grades 1 through 4.

Q. How do I find out when more videos are available or a new product is released?
A. You can stay up-to-date with all the latest news and products by Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

Q. How do I incorporate Math Stackers into my classroom?
A. Math Stackers can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. The resources that come with each set encourage small group teaching, groups of 1 to 6 students. All of the games can be played in math stations after they have been introduced. Math Stackers can also teach many more concepts than are covered in the resource book and can also be used for creative structure building.

Q. I am writing a grant to get funding for ordering sets of Math Stackers for my classroom. How can I get any necessary information that may be needed?
A. If you are not finding the answers you need on the website, please send us your questions using the “Contact Us” form. We would love to get you any information that you need.

Q. Can I pay with a purchase order?
A. Absolutely! Fill out the quote form or email your completed purchase order to:

Q. How do I use Aurasma?
A. Aurasma is free to download…..available via the Apple Apps store, Android Store and Google Play.
To watch the Math Stackers videos follow these steps:

  1. Search for Math Stackers in the Discover Auras search bar
  2. Select the Math Stackers profile
  3. Click the follow button that appears under the Math Stackers icon

Q. Do the activities align with the TEKS or Common Core math standards?
A. Yes! View our comprehensive list of standards covered in the Math Stackers resources.

Q. How do I clean the blocks?
A. Wash in warm soapy water and air dry.